In 2013 nanoscientist Jonas Hannestad and Kerstin Hamilton initiated the independently funded practice-led collaborative work Nanosocieties.

The interdisciplinary collaborative Nanosocieties address questions linked to scientific knowledge with a specific attention to nanotechnology. Nanotechnology is a branch of research carried out on a billionth of a millimetre scale. It is a science about the control of nanoparticles and the ability to manipulate on atomic and molecular scale. It is an investigation in to the scientific communities made up by humans, apparatuses, abstract economic structures and power relations that constitute scientific knowledge production.

Major outputs were the film Zero Point Energy (see other tab on this website), a mobile exhibition (2015, described below), contribution to the exhibition A Warped World (2015–2016) at Tekniska Museet in Stockholm and participation at the International Science Festival (Vetenskapsfestivalen) with program for school children (2017).

Nanosocieties – A Mobile Exhibition

Nanosocieties – A Mobile Exhibition was inspired by the pedagogical setup of documentary exhibitions of the 1970s, placing importance on availing of photography in the dissemination of information. The mobile exhibition in conjunction with a stage presentation reached approximately 500 students aged 14-18 years in western Sweden. The exhibition aimed at giving the students a glimpse of nanosocieties on human as well as on a particle scale.


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